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Our 3M partnership does not limit you to just 3M product, we also have a wide variety of digital films across the board from various carefully selected suppliers, where we also carry warranties in line with the material, be it a monomeric, polymeric or cast film.

Why use us for your fleet branding?

Our vast experience in this field will ensure that we use the correct material for your fleet. A complete fleet audit and brand manual will ensure quality and consistency throughout your fleet. Bandit and 3M offer a 3M 3 Year Performance Guarantee on vertical surfaces when using 3M polymeric wrap films. We also offer a variety of alternative films into this space including specialist 3M products for tankers and our unique product to wrap over welds. We are a 3M select partner and MCS approved. Commercial vehicle and fleet branding is the best form of advertising you can buy! It is the lowest cost, highest impact of any advertising medium. Most importantly, the style and type of company and corporate fleet graphics that can be applied to your fleet boosts awareness and marketing power for your product or service. All of our fleet and truck branding graphics are unique to you and your business, increasing your visibility and separating you from the competition! At Bus & Truck Branding we will assist you with your branding requirements by completing a full fleet audit first and then presenting you with a fleet report. This report will assist you in you’re the financial and operational planning of your fleet branding upkeep, allowing you to maintain your corporate image out on the road.

We understand the need for speed

We know that when your fleet or trucks are not on the road, you are not making money. Our specialist team of applicators is accustomed to working fast and effectively around your schedules and will do the graphic application onsite. We make sure that your brand stays where it should be – on the road.

Bus & Truck Branding is a 3M Select Graphic Provider. This allows us to extend the 3M MCS Warranty to our clients, ensuring that your images will perform as expected for the life of the graphic. MCS stands for “Matched Component System”, which means that we print on the correct base material with approved and tested OEM machines and inks, we laminate with matching lam after adhering to strict drying and curing times and we applicate with our 3M certified installers. We are proud to be part of an elite group of companies that carry the highest level of approval from 3M for its commercial graphics solutions. As a 3M Select Graphics Specialist with Silver status, you can be sure that our design, technical and installation teams have the qualifications and knowledge to successfully implement your project using high performance top quality graphics. 3M’s endorsement means you can trust us to deliver on quality and performance, providing you with all important peace of mind that your investment in design and installation is protected.

Truck Branding

AMPS 2010 rated truck advertising as the second most effective form of outdoor media. This mobile advertising medium is recognised as one of the most powerful advertising spaces in South African advertising, providing impactful and far-reaching exposure for your product or brand. Why not take advantage of this free advertising space on your very own company trucks and put your brand on the road, ensuring large-scale awareness and interest wherever your vehicles may go.

G Frame

The very latest truck branding innovation, this PVC / mesh graphic tensioning system has been specifically designed for brands that require multiple advertising graphics changes on a regular basis. This user-friendly new advertising medium means that creative executions can be self- installed and graphics changed as often as desired. This relatively new product offering already has a large client following with the likes of Nestlé, Rainbow, Spur Steak Ranches and Afrisam all having successfully implemented it on their fleets.

More Services

There are 17,000 registered buses in SA involved in formal public transport activities. Our suppliers are members of SABOA and has ongoing relationships with bus operators nationally.

The Benefits:
  • Excellent coverage:  More than 1 million kilometres travelled every week.
  • Mobile branding – allows great geographical targeting on a national basis.
  • High exposure to passengers, pedestrians and motorists: 1.54 million commuters each week as well as the majority of the additional consumers.
  • Billboard size and style of advertising as well as mobility.
  • Various formats to choose from: Full wrap, Back wrap, etc.
  • Various creative options, Cost effective.
  • High reach –  generates 500 000 impacts per month
  • Low wastage –  route specific selection.
  • Visual Impact – the size of the bus creates massive exposure.
  • Economically active commuters – 83% of bus commuters are household purchase decision makers.

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